107.3 HFM The Voice of Your Community


107.3 HFM is your local radio station and is proud to be the voice of your community by providing a voice through music, talk and community service announcements as well as broadcasting important local information and providing economical and effective sponsorship opportunity for local businesses to promote their business. 107.3 HFM strives to bring you music from around your local area, around the world and across all genres. We are the voice for your community. Programs such as In Your Neighborhood, The Top 40 Show, Folk Plus and Rockaria provide information and music and are just a few of the specialist programs available. In order to continue to provide these programs, and others like them, we need the support of our listeners. We are solely self-funded through sponsorship, events and some minor government funding. Our main source of funding comes from the support from listeners and members of the community via memberships.
As well as having the peace of mind knowing you have directly contributed to the continued existence of 107.3 HFM and the music you love to hear, a membership also includes material benefits and prizes when they become available. You can become a member and support your local community radio station 107.3 HFM by going to our webpage www.heritagefm.net and filling in the membership application form or emailing your details to secretary@heritagefm.orgΒ or use the form on our contact HFM page and we will get back to you.